Filippos P.N. Lemos, President of NS Lemos & Co Ltd, together with Randy Chen, Vice-Chairman of WAN Hai Lines and Kenneth Koo, Chairman of TCC Group lead the charge for private-sector shipowners against three of their counterparts from the public sector in the Sea Asia-organised parliamentary-style debate on whether the best days were over for private shipowners.

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Filippos Lemos stated emphatically that shipping was simply not an ideal fit for investment from the broader equity capital markets. ‘’These forms of capital serve to exacerbate the treacherous nature and volatility that makes short-term investment in our industry unsustainable’’ and continued ‘’Ships are safe in harbour but that is not what ships are for. Like the great ocean tempests, ours is an industry constantly faced with changing winds and shifting tides, and only those with the longest outlooks, the steadiest rudders and who run the tightest ship will be able to stay the course.’’

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