The Lemos Family through The Lemos Group operates one of the large family-controlled Greek shipping entities. For over 170 years, the Lemos Family has navigated through often volatile and unpredictable markets with a legacy of prudent and responsible investment based on stable and decisive leadership, with a focus on safety, quality, and reliability.

The Lemos Group is comprised of four shipping related companies, Enesel S.A., Enesel Limited, N.S. Lemos & Co. Ltd., and Enesel Pte Ltd., all wholly owned by Andonis and Filippos Lemos, the current generation of the Captain Nikolas S. Lemos Family.

The Group

The Lemos Group controls a diversified fleet of 19 vessels comprised of modern high specification tankers and containers. All vessels under our management, as well as ships currently under construction, are built to the highest international standards in first-class shipyards and are supervised by our highly experienced superintendents.

Looking ahead, the Group has placed an order for 4 VLCC crude oil tankers due for delivery in 2018 and 2019, and 2 Aframax crude oil tankers due for delivery in 2020 demonstrating its firm commitment towards continuous fleet expansion and upgrade.

The business has always aspired to offer risk-averse, high-quality ship management services which, for the first time, are now are being expanded to other owners.

Our fleet

Our history

Latest news

  • Delivery of M/T Maria P. Lemos

    We are proud to announce that M/T Maria P. Lemos delivered to her Owners and her Managers today 15:25hrs Korean time. May she and her crews always be safe, lucky and successful!

  • Sale of M/T Sparto

    Enesel S.A. announces the sale of M/T Sparto (sister vessel of M/T Pantelis) to her new Owners today 12th September 2018, at 17:03hrs LT Athens time. The sale is part of the company’s planning for fleet renewal. It is worth mentioning the average age of the current managed fleet is 0.7 years.

  • M/T Pantelis sale

    Enesel S.A., as Manager of the M/T Pantelis are happy to announce that vessel’s ownership was transferred today, at 15:45hrs Athens time to Messrs Sense Marine Ltd, while her management transferred to Messrs Thenamaris.