The Lemos Family through The Lemos Group operates one of the large family-controlled Greek shipping entities. For over 173 years, the Lemos Family has navigated through often volatile and unpredictable markets with a legacy of prudent and responsible investment based on stable and decisive leadership, with a focus on safety, quality, and reliability.

The Lemos Group is comprised of four shipping related companies, Enesel S.A., Enesel Limited, N.S. Lemos & Co. Ltd., and Enesel Pte Ltd., all wholly owned by Andonis and Filippos Lemos, the current generation of the Captain Nikolas S. Lemos Family.

The Group

The Lemos Group controls a diversified fleet of 26 vessels comprised of modern high specification tankers, containers and bulk carriers. All vessels under our management, as well as ships currently under construction, are built to the highest international standards in first-class shipyards and are supervised by our highly experienced superintendents.

Continuing its programme of fleet modernisation and expansion, the Group has placed an order for 5 LR2 Product tankers due for delivery in 2022-2023 as well as 2 Ultramax Bulk Carriers which are expected to enter the fleet in 1Q 2022.

The average age of our fleet (26 vessels) at the end of 2021 will be 5.1 years and is considered one of the youngest managed fleets worldwide.

The Lemos committed to being one of the most forward-thinking shipping companies in Greece, and beyond, ensuring the safe transportation of cargoes and offering high quality ship management services. These services are now available to other ship-owners or other entities who wish to take advantage of Enesel’s market-leading capabilities.

Our fleet

Our history

Latest news

  • Thalassini Agatha

    We are pleased to announce the acquisition of our second 180k DWT Capesize Bulk Carrier “Eibhlin” TBR “Thalassini Agatha” that was successfully taken over today joining Enesel Limited’s fleet. May she always be safe! Καλορίζικο και Καλοτάξιδο!

  • Commendation Letter

    As Managers of the C/V  Thalassa Axia, C/V Thalassa Doxa, C/V Thalassa Mana and C/V Thalassa Tyhi, we at Enesel Limited feel very proud for receiving a Commendation Letter by the Deputy Commissioner of Maritime Affairs of the Republic of Liberia, Mrs. Margaret C. Ansumana recognizing the outstanding safety performance record of those four vessels during all port state control inspections over the past two (2) years.

    We express our sincere appreciation to our onboard and ashore teams for their great work and commitment! Well done!

  • Thalassa Pistis - Vaccination in New York

    We are very happy to announce that all our seafarers on board our managed C/V Thalassa Pistis have been successfully vaccinated during vessel's port stay at New York on June 10th.
    A doctor embarked the vessel upon vessel's berthing and remained on board for a few hours in case any of our seafarers had any side effects.